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"That Ratnakar Ojha is unabashedly an Indian in spirit is proved by his exuberant use of colours. Using almost every hue in the spectrum, ranging from burning reds and passionate yellows, tastefully set off by turquoises, ultramarines and cobalt, he still manages to retain that sense of balance that is the hallmark of the Basohli miniaturists. Not once does he kneel over the merely polychromatic. Lavanya, that is grace and harmony is the keynote of these paintings."

-Veena Kotian. ( from an exhibition folder, 1997)

"Most of the times expressions of my portraits are pathos. But I use bright and unnatural colours to highlight joyful moods and exuberance. Colours are life of a painting and I use maximum hue to create depth in my work."

Ojha's trademark is vibrant colour and figurative work not to mention the reflection of extremes of emotion that his "people" experience. He has caught women in a pensive mood, their melancholy evident in their slanting eyes and inward gaze. These unforgettable figures leave an indelible; impression on the inner eye even as they captivate. Having been born in a village in the Keonjhar district of Orissa, in 1957 for Ratnakar Ojha it was painting or nothing right from the word go. One of his strong influences has his grandmother. "She used to make clay dolls for us to play. She also encouraged me to do something about my interest in drawing and paintings." reminisces Ojha. Besides, the natural surroundings of his village in Orissa reinforced his use of dramatic colours in his paintings

He studied at the Government College of Art and Crafts, Khallikote, Orissa ; Indira Kala Sangeet University,Khairagarh; and at the Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.

A very collectable artist he has participated in many shows. His paintings are in several collections including Air-India; Premier Automobile; Hotel Kumaria Presidency; India International Art Centre; Bajaj Auto Ltd.; Orissa Lalit Kala Akademy; Broadcast Worldwide Limited; Go Go International and many more corporate & private collections.



".....When all is said and done, the artist has succeeded in making his viewers think about the human conditions........"

- R.T. Shahani, The Sunday Free Press, Mumbai, October 8, 2000

"The shades prominently seen in his work are light blue, greens, mauves, pink, and yellows. The figures and faces are not realistic in the true sense but his lines succeed in expressing the emotion to the observer."

- Jasmine Shah, The Asian Age, Mumbai, September 4, 1998

"They are mini wonders... bright and beautiful. They are all figurative works with simple compositions. They project a sense of joy and help build a festive atmosphere. Evidently, Ojha chooses to see the brighter side of things."

- Arkay, The Afternoon, Mumbai, October 14, 1997

"His techniques is varied to suit his diverse expressions: one moment he uses swift brush work with water colour, while on the other, he touches his canvas with fleeting and feather-like moves in oil."

- Sudipto Basu, Mid-Day, Mumbai, May 10, 1995

"Ratnakar Ojha of Orissa, comes out with slightly distorted, but stylised, extremely colourful faces of men and women. Very bright tones of red, blue and yellow along with black stresses glow form the canvas like stained glass."

- L. V. The Hindu, Madras July16 1993

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